Sjaunjagravad reindeer thighs

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Sjaunjagravad reindeer thigh is a taste experience beyond the ordinary. Very tender, almost melts in the mouth. More information below.

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Sjaunjagravat reindeer thighs are a taste experience beyond the ordinary, so tender that it melts in your mouth. Used for starters, aperitifs or eaten as is. Varying pieces (approx: 175-330g / piece), you can get several pieces in your order. We store the meat vacuum-packed and frozen. Shelf life as refrigerated product 45 days. May possibly thaw a little during transport, but can be re-frozen without deteriorating if you do not use the products within a day.

Does not come with a durability guarantee during transport to countries outside the EU and some within the EU. However, we can in some cases send if you want to take responsibility for the package at your own risk. Feel free to check with us before you order when it comes to international transport what applies to your particular country.

Important! When you have received a message from us that your package has left our warehouse, you will receive one within a few days
e-mail notification or SMS notification where you can pick up your package. Pick up your goods within 24 hours so they do not remain at the delivery point in heat and deteriorate.
Foodstuffs not collected within 24-hours or return does not replace. If you ordered more than 2kg incl. packaging, your order can in some cases be divided into several shipments for faster transport.

“For centuries, the Sami have had reindeer & elk meat with them in their backpacks during their hard work in the mountains and were thus able to cope with food for a long time.

Feel free to see about different tips on recipes below “Prescription”


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