Sauna fragrances 10ml. Concentrated

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Rento concentrated sauna scents make your senses open. Each bottle holds 10ml. concentrated liquid. Read more below.

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Fill your sauna with scents and let your senses open. Add a few drops directly to the bucket and pour on the stones and enjoy a fragrant heat that makes your senses open. Familiarize yourself with the scent by measuring small doses. Shaken. Always use fragrances diluted with water. It is also possible to mix the scents with each other. Each bottle holds 10ml. concentrated scent.

NOTE! There are concentrated scents so a drop in the bucket is usually enough.

Fragrance Information:
– Arctic berries give exciting aromas of Norrland berries.
– Spruce forest gives wonderful scents from the forest.
– The eucalyptus scent gives a wonderful fresh scent.
– Winter gives an atmospheric scent of winter and is a novelty that is exciting.
– Herb fills your sauna with scents of forest herbs.
– Tar fills your sauna with a wonderful scent and aromas that make you think of the rowing boat that is newly tarred.
– Midsummer birch fills your sauna with early summer scents and the aromas of midsummer birches.
– Glow gives a wonderful aroma of a warm smoke sauna with honey-like aromas and drying malt.
– Mint gives a wonderful scent of mint leaves and polka dots and lets your senses open completely.
– Star-strewn sky. Starry Sky sauna scent evokes the power of the northern wilderness. The scent is enhanced with a hint of mysterious myrrh and an unexpected twist of spicy incense.


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