The Sami people have for centuries had game meat in a backpack for their hard work in the mountains and could in this way meet the food for a long time. Reindeer meat is not only delicious but also low-fat, vitamin and mineral rich. The fat content is on average 3 percent and is a so-called good fats of type Omega 3. The protein content is as high as 22 percent.

Reindeer meat is also a good source of vitamin containing both A, B, C and vitamin E. As natural grazing animals, the reindeer a mineral-rich flesh with iron, selenium, calcium and other minerals that are beneficial to humans.

All game products from us are vacuum-packed with a long shelf life. Here you find Dried reindeer meat, cold-smoked reindeer, reindeer, suovas, smoked reindeer and sausages. All game delicacies with us kept frozen.


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