Coffee & Tea

  • Finskorpor Cardamom

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    Crusts with cardamom. Good crusts are eaten like coffee. Crusts dipped in coffee or tea, if eaten without dipping, they are hard. Wonderful delicacy!
  • Rea


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    Christmas tea is a warming tea that with flavors from Christmas spices mixed in black tea. Weight 100g.
  • Lemmel coffee 450g.

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    Lemmel brewed coffee is not just a dark-roasted and well-balanced brewed coffee made from 100% grown arabica beans. It is a taste sensation that, like the night mist over a river, slowly puts your soul in darkness. It's the world's best brewed coffee !? Read more below.
  • Coffee cheese (100-140g)

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    Coffee cheese is a traditional northern Swedish / Finnish dish with ancient origins in northern Finland and in the Tornedalen valley. It is added as small pieces to the coffee or eaten on the side with cloudberry jam.


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