arcticshop-logo2010-payoff-blue offers exclusive and exciting products from specially selected manufacturers. Our products are handmade according to ancient traditions. Our mission is to provide its products and products from manufacturers with proven high quality. Below you can read more about our products.

Arctic Kuksa in Old Swedish name of the thimbles, which in more recent Swedish for Kuksa, but in some dialects also Kaus or Kosa. On the North Sami name of Guksi. Tke Kuksa have more and more came back and used as a popular drinking vessels, like the Sami have used it for centuries. All our COLUMNIST are manufactured according to ancient traditions, but with more modern tools. Every Arctic Kuksa is unique because all our COLUMNIST finally produced by hand. The material consists of selected exclusive gnarled birch and reindeer antlers. When you use your Kuksa, rinse it with clean water and it is ready for use again. NOTE! Arctic Kuksa never wash with soap or in the dishwasher. Kuksa is a pure natural product.

Arctic Knife For centuries, the knife was an essential tool in everyday life. We’ve created a knife series that will suit those who have different hobbies, ex.vis in hunting, fishing & recreation. The knives are manufactured mostly by hand from materials such as birch & reindeer antlers in the best quality. Arctic knife found in the exclusive and exciting knife models. Eg as a hunting knife, fishing knife, fillet knife and all-purpose knife. Each knife is unique. Remember to always keep your knife sharp so as to avoid unnecessary accidents happen. You’ll find our popular diamantbrynen in the menu under accessories.

BBQ & Leisure Products is against you, who loves the outdoors and take a break to cook food and refreshments. Here you will find among others smoke in stainless, Muurikka, barbecue sticks with telescopic function, grill, coffee pots, reindeer, etc. The products are of highest quality.

Meat & game Sami has for centuries been bred game with him in the backpack over his hard work in the mountains and could thus meet the diet for a long time. All wildlife products for us is vacumförpackade long-life. Here you can find Dried reindeer meat, reindeer Sjaunjagravat, Cold smoked reindeer steak, smoked moose steak and sausages of reindeer and moose/elk. All game delicacies at our store frozen.

Kitchenware Popular gift boxes with cheese slicer, butter knives & salad servers in reindeer antler / Curly & stainless, and various accessories for the coffee bag and backpack.

Reindeer hide tanned and untanned reindeer in the best quality. A reindeer is long if you use it properly. An untanned reindeer is perfect for outdoor use and nice and warm to sit on. Tanned reindeer skin is very soft and warm to sit on the fire, sled, or maybe as decoration. Also very popular for horse owners to be in the saddle. You should not expose tanned reindeer skin too much moisture.

Remember to never expose the products which are natural materials to strong sunlight for a long time as the materials dry out and crack. For many of our products, we can if we wish to draw the embers into names, dates, etc. If you have a business and want us lasergraverar or press logo on products or gift boxes, please contact us for further information and prices.