Reindeer meat - tasty and healthy!

The Sami people have for centuries had game meat in a backpack for their hard work in the mountains and could in this way meet the food for a long time. Reindeer meat is not only delicious but also low-fat, vitamin and mineral rich. The fat content is on average 3 percent and is a so-called good fats of type Omega 3. The protein content is as high as 22 percent.

Reindeer meat is also a good source of vitamin containing both A, B, C and vitamin E. As natural grazing animals, the reindeer a mineral-rich flesh with iron, selenium, calcium and other minerals that are beneficial to humans.

All game products from us are vacuum-packed with a long shelf life. Here you find Dried reindeer meat, cold-smoked reindeer, reindeer, suovas, smoked reindeer and sausages. All game delicacies with us kept frozen.

75 SEK

Dried reindeer sausage

Several different flavors (natural, garlic & chilli)
Varmrökt renststek
127 SEK

Hot smoked reindeer steak (Sliced)

Sliced into thin slices
385 SEK

Reindeer entrecoté

No delivering outside Sweden.
629 SEK
695 SEK
68 SEK


Only delivery in Sweden
NYHET! Kräftmjärdar
Kräftbur. Stor Storlek 85cm. Betesväska ingår. Lätt att öppna och stänga.
229 SEK
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